Top things to do in Puerto Vallarta

You can also visit top-most beaches in Mexico where you can participate in various beach activities like swimming, diving, sunbathing, and boat riding among other fun things.

Angel Reyes
May 3, 2022
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Are you planning to tour Mexico City next holiday? If yes, don’t stress yourself out thinking of the most fantastic place you and your family can enjoy maximally. Puerto Vallarta can be the perfect solution to your worries. Being the most prominent destination when in Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta can offer your family a breathtaking experience.

This city which is in the Pacific Coast has various types of extraordinary fundamentals, both contemporary and historical. Visiting some of these beautiful elements with your partner feels romantic and can offer you a perfect escape.

Additionally, the Puerto Vallarta City’s magnificent Banderas Bay location adds to the glamour of the retreat and creates unforgettable memories to your family members.

You must be wondering what you and your family can do in Puerto Vallarta throughout the tour. You should know that the city has everything for everyone despite the age or interest.

If your children love engaging in activities like swimming, sunbathing, hiking, boat riding, or eating junk foods, all those things are there. If you also want to have some beautifully romantic moments with your partner, everything is in place.

Therefore, plan your trip to Puerto Vallarta and get ready to have fun by engaging in the following incredible activities in this attractive resort town.

Photo by Stan Shebs

1. Tour Now Amber Puerto Vallarta

With limitless luxury suitable for everyone irrespective of age or gender, Now Amber Puerto Vallarta resort becomes a perfect destination for your family. Remember that every retreat’s purpose is to gain a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your family. Therefore, Now Amber Resort which is on an excellent sand beach can help you achieve your objective.

Don’t be anxious about how to get to the resort. You will only take fifteen minutes from Peurto Vallarta Airport. Are you worried about social amenities too? Well, the resort’s amenities are dazzling, and you don’t have to look elsewhere for any essential facility. Their guest rooms and suites are elegant and offer a wide range of entertaining activities.

Photo By Andrew Milligan

2. You can visit the top beaches

Relaxing in beaches is an excellent way of utilizing your time while on holiday. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Puerto Vallarta, you won’t be bored as there are world-class beaches where you can go diving, sunbathing, swimming and other thrilling activities.

One example of these beaches is Playa Los Muertos which is on a Romantic Region. The beach is perfect for swimming, and they have various types of dishes which taste is out of this world.

Other remarkable beaches to visit in Puerto Vallarta Mexico include;

• Mantamar Beach Club

• Las Caletas Beach

• Playas De Las Animas

• Playa Quimixto

• Los Muertos Beach

These are the few among the numerous beaches in Puerto Vallarta where you can go sunbathing, diving, boat riding, and swimming among other activities. For maximum enjoyment for your family, you can choose Las Caletas Beach which is designed for families and couples to have fun. The beaches are not only excellent relaxing spots for families but also they are gay-friendly.

3. You can visit trendy eating spots

Apart from Now Amber Puerto Vallarta resort, there are other outstanding eating hotels and restaurants where you can take your family for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One of the top-most stylish eating spots in the city is Puerto Vallarta’s excellent dining scene.

You can access various charming dishes of your choice in this spot, and you can also decide to taste favorite Mexican and non-Mexican dishes in other eating scenes as well. These include;

• River Café

• Rio Cuale

• Café Des Artistes

• Mediterranean hotspot Trio

• Blanca Blue

• Resort Garza Blanca

For a wonderful experience, you can decide to eat in the Mexico streets. Vallarta Food Tours for a taco is among the best distributor of Mexican dishes both traditional and other junk foods like tacos.

Photo By by Robert Stinnett

4. You can tour different parts of Puerto Vallarta

Going for a holiday encompasses visiting beautiful sceneries and taking a stroll to explore various fantastic spots. Don’t forget this excursion when you visit Puerto Vallarta. There are multiple spots that you can tour in Mexico which include Malecón and the Marina.

If you want to explore the various types of boats, you will have to visit the Marina, a spot where your family can have fun by walking around and looking at the ships. When famished, don’t worry yourself so much as there are various hotels and shopping malls in the area.

In Marina, you can buy different types of jewelry and unique garments which are not available in your local market.                

It’s also fabulous to take a stroll in Rio Cuale Island in Puerto Vallarta. The spot has an archaeological museum known as Museo Cuale, where your family can explore the various crafts and other elements. If your kid’s favorite pet is a cat, then she/he will be amused by the number of friendly cats wandering in Rio Cuale Island.

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5. Have a romantic night at Mandala Nightlife Club

Maybe you are not sure whether you and your partner can have an excellent place to relax and enjoy romantic moments at Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The good news is that Mandala Nightlife Club does not only cater to the needs of gay couples but also lovers of the opposite gender. Here, you will also enjoy unlimited drinks, and the suites are out of this world.

The club offers a special package for VIPs, where you have to enjoy your romantic night without major struggles like lining up in a queue for any service. With the club’s VIP ticket, you will get a free cover, and you will enjoy everything for free.

Final line

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the activities your children or even you can engage in when in Puerto Vallarta. As seen earlier, you can all enjoy dining at Now Amber Puerto Vallarta and other eating spots which can be a source of beautiful memories for your family.

You can also visit top-most beaches in Mexico where you can participate in various beach activities like swimming, diving, sunbathing, and boat riding among other fun things. Don’t forget to take a stroll to different historical sites like Malecon and Marina for a fantastic experience. Remember that everyone has something to enjoy, whether old, young, male, female, or gay.

Angel Reyes

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