Top 3 First Class Airlines


Angel Reyes


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

To fly first class is one of the ultimate experiences for every traveler and something most aspire to do at least once. Those lounge seats, 5-star meals, and quiet surroundings are the envy of all those in business and economy class. In 2018, many airlines revealed their most luxurious first class sections yet, including Singapore Airlines, which was named “World’s Best First Class Airline.

3. Emirates

Based in Dubai, Emirates quickly garnered attention from the world for their upscale travel options. The airline has taken inspiration from the sleek interiors of Mercedes-Benz vehicles to design the first class section of their planes. Not only is the interior visually stunning, it’s also extremely private. There’s personal temperature controls, mood lighting, soft leather seats, and more features such as

  • 3 windows for an exceptional view, or;
  • A virtual window for middle cabins that displays HD projections of outside
  • Zero gravity reclining seats
  • Floor to ceiling doors
  • Onboard lounge and bar (only on A380 planes)
  • Shower
  • Bulgari amenity kits
  • Moisturizing sleepwear and slippers

2. Etihad Airways

Though Etihad Airways only has 15 years of history, it is a gem in the world of air travel. Etihad has less of a first class seat and more of a “first apartment,” which is furnished with a 6 foot by 10 inch mattress and access to a bar and lounge. Other features for Etihad first class include:

  • Signature welcome—hot towel, signed card, choice of beverage (alcohol is also okay) and small bowl of dates
  • Leather upholstered arm chair
  • Flat bed
  • Interconnected apartments for those with companions
  • Vanity unit with light-up mirror
  • Shower in the bathroom
  • Panasonic in-flight Wi-Fi
  • Multiple touch screen handsets
  • An extensive menu without locked-in meal time

1. Singapore Airlines

It’s no surprise that the award-winning and jaw-dropping first class cabins of Singapore Airlines grace this list. The brand new A380 suites that are featured on their largest planes come in two styles—single and double—and feature a cornucopia of amenities that transform the airplane into a hotel room. The highlights of these superb first class units include:

  • Sliding screen doors
  • Flat bed
  • Full-grain, extra wide, leather seats from designer Poltrona Frau
  • Button-controlled window blinds
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • 32” touch screen monitor with over 1,000 entertainment options
  • Wireless tablet that serves as a remote control for everything in the room, including the A/C and lighting
  • Personal wardrobe
  • Sit-down vanity in the bathroom
  • Top-class toiletries by Lalique
  • Mood lighting

There you have it—the top 3 first class cabins available. The luxury you will experience in these hotel rooms in the sky will continuously wow you. From the exceptional service to precious private space and a large selection of ways to keep yourself busy mid-flight, there are so many reasons to fly first class.

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