The 5 Best Travel Apps

Like it or not, apps are now an irreplaceable part of daily life. In travel this is extremely beneficial as apps can easily be used to improve your travel experience. Some of the ways appas help you travel include helping schedule and get better deals on flights

TOP 5 Passports in the World 2019

The results are out for the 2018 passport games and while it’s pretty much the same names that have made the cut for a number of years that feature once again.

Is TSA Pre✓ worth the money and hassle?

The transportation Security Administration procedures that came into effect after 9/11 have remained in place; however, those who fly regularly already have those shoes off,

World's Best Singapore Changi Airport

For the sixth year in a row, Singapore Changi Airport was voted by air travellers as the best airport in the world. The survey evaluated the experiences of travellers on key indicators for airport service from check-in to departure at the gate.

2020 Next-Generation U.S.A Passports

In the year 2020, U.S State government is now planning to revamp and introduce a new specialized chip embedded in the New U.S passport so that the passports are more safeguarded than ever before.

Best Plane? Boeing 747-8 VS Airbus 380

Boeing 747-8 and Airbus 380 can be considered as two giants manufactured by different airline companies. You might be interested in getting to know about the differences that exist in between these two airplanes and figuring out which one is the best.

Emirates Designs Windowless Plane

One of the world recognizable air travel partners is the Emirates airline which is Dubai based. Emirates management has proposed a move to scrap off the windows from the aircraft. This seems like a restrictive move for people to enjoy their travels while viewing in real life the sky and the clouds.

How to Navigate Transport in Tokyo

Most big cities can be a bit overwhelming to navigate, but Tokyo’s fast-paced vibe takes confusing transport to a whole new level! The first-time (or second or third-time) visitor to the city can feel a bit lost in the whirlwind of people and motion.

Airbus Beluga

The Airbus Beluga is a cargo aircraft built by Airbus. The Beluga can, thanks to its 37.7 m long and 7.1 m diameter hold, carry a load of more than 40 tonnes over a maximum distance of 2,779 km.

5 Developments That Will Change Air Transportation

Flight patterns, alternative fuels, new plane designs and airport structure promise to reduce aviation’s carbon footprint. The globe’s middle class is expanding at a fast rate along with its ability to travel.

Top 3 First Class Airlines

To fly first class is one of the ultimate experiences for every traveler and something most aspire to do at least once. Those lounge seats, 5-star meals, and quiet surroundings are the envy of all those in business and economy class.