8 Reasons to stay at St. Regis Istanbul


Luis E. Gonzalez


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

Nisantasi district is the Istanbul’s most attractive, beautiful, vibrant and elegant neighborhood. This is actually where you can find the Art Deco-influenced and prestigious St. Regis Istanbul resort. This resort offers world-class facilities and highly exceptional services at Istanbul’s most reliable location. This resort remains the ideal luxury and elegant hotel in Istanbul with a lot to offer prospective visitors and veteran customers. The hotel establishes a focal point for the global society and cosmopolitan Turkish culture. Visitors can stay in the signature suites and award winning guest rooms of this amazing hotel. This helps to conglomerate discrete luxury and beauty with timeless greatness or elegance. These features and everything in between represents a modern day reflection of the prestigious St- Regis policy.

The legacy and policy of this great resort is further expressed through its butler service. The premier global location of the Beverly Hills phenomenon is found at the resort’s brasserie through its savor epicurean flavors. With this resort’s exclusive services, visitors have the opportunity to rejuvenate at the Iridium Spa. Exploring Istanbul’s attractions, detox program, the best art galleries, the most exciting luxury fashion brands, events and restaurants are only a couple of minutes from the prestigious St. Regis Istanbul resort. Are you thinking about Istanbul,Turkey,luxury resort,luxury vacation, or the prestigious St. Regis Istanbul hotel? Explore the amazing reasons why this resort is one of the most reputable hotels in Turkey.

St. Regis Istanbul remains a seven-floor edifice with well-structured architecture. The muted copper and aluminium tones of this amazing hotel glows in the nation’s capital sun. The resort is opened around March and has gained traction in a prime corner location. Emre Arolat is the Turkish architect that designed this great resort. The objective of the hotel is to display Istanbul’s 20th Art Deco dispensation.

It also reflects the progressive of style-conscious contemporary of the state in which the resort is located. A systematic adoption of natural materials and sweeping curves help to soften the prominent Art Deco features found in the resort’s interior design. From wood and leather veneers to marble and bronze, the earth tones are found through the hotel’s interior.

In this resort, you will find around one hundred and eighteen suites and bedrooms. All these suites and bedrooms are designed with floor-to-ceiling windows. These rooms face directly to the Abdi Ipekçi or the Maçka Park with views of the Bosporus.

Direct into the bedrooms is the decoration of the public surrounding views with the same contemporary art, veneers and autumnal colours. In grey-striped marble, visitors will enjoy the hotel’s spacious bathrooms with separate dressing rooms.

Without any further question, the hotel remains a tourist-based and business resort, but care for families as well. At the hotel’s brasserie, you can find a kid’s menu center. Visitors can also find suites and connecting rooms available. For double rooms, you can get an offer of €432 including Wi-Fi and breakfast. Well-trained staff, attentive workers and immaculate property are all you get in the hotel. All rooms are designed with amazing butler services such as sauna, room service, restaurant, pool, parking, laundry, fitness center, bar, Wi-Fi, steam hammam and spa.

With food and drink, guests can navigate to the resort’s brasserie, French brasserie and Spago within the same property to get the best. These cuisines will help you discover some Turkish influences in the way food and drink are served in the hotel. The resort has reserved two special rooms for visitors with any form of disability. These rooms are the lowest-priced in the category of offers.

The St. Istanbul resort is located in Nisantasi overlooking the Bosporus and Maçka Park. It is important to know that Nisantasi remains on the European corner of Istanbul. The resort is also situated close to other global luxury hotels such as Ritz-Carlton, Hilton and InterContinental. The features of the hotel’s brand are a great value to the luxury and elegant resort platform in the district or Nisantasi. Its copper & aluminium, Art Deco interiors and rooms have an autumnal and a warm feel. Visitors can also find a top-notch subterranean spa, butler service, a glass-walled restaurant and more amazing beauties in the hotel.

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