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Angel Reyes
May 4, 2022
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For the sixth year in a row, Singapore Changi Airport was voted by air travellers as the best airport in the world. The survey evaluated the experiences of travellers on key indicators for airport service from check-in to departure at the gate. The spokesman of the airport claims that they are very honoured to be the first airport to win this award for six years in a row. He acknowledges this award is a reward for their efforts to make the airport experience as comfortable as possible.  

For those who haven’t been at Singapore Changi Airport, these are a few reasons why air travellers are so happy with this airport.

They have movie theaters to kill time

Most air travellers just want to reach their final destination as quickly as possible. But when Singapore Changi Airport is your stopover location, travellers don’t seem to mind they need to wait several hours before catching their flight. There is a movie theatre inside the airport that presents the latest blockbusters. If your not a cinephile, then maybe the rooftop pool with a jacuzzi or the XBox 360 station is your kind of thing. Those who had a long flight, can recover in the luxury sleeping lounges.

It is a green stress-free environment

Many airports give lots of stress. Not only are they overly crowded, but time is essential when traveling by air. Whether it’s not missing your transfer, having trouble with your luggage or just seeing the long queues when checking in. Singapore Airport found a solution to reduce this stress by their inclusion of nature. In the whole aiport building, there are no less than 582,000 plants and trees.

T4: Theater of Experience

Their newest terminal, T4, was built to exhibit different installations that showcase the history of Singapore. A sculpure showing a mother and her child hailing a trishaw on their way home, an installation that is designed to mimic clouds shifting in the sky and the Immersive Wall, a LED display installation that lights up with Singapore landmarks.

Fully automated departure process

If you ask air travellers what is the most annoying part of an airport, they will mention the time-consuming departure process. Until they have experienced the fully automated departure process in Singapore’s T4. All you need is a boarding pass to scan and you can go your way through check-in, bag drop, immigration and even boarding. With the facial recoginition system, there is no need for passport controls or taking electronics out of your hand luggage as you go through security. To make the whole experience even better: this system is able to process over 5400 bags per hour, which will save you lots of time you can spend in that movie theater or in the sleeping lounge.

Lots of food and shopping!

No more surviving on that expensive sandwich or bottle of water. Singapore Airport has dozens of gourmet restaurants to choose from and six expansive dining halls where you enjoy the food. Besides the restaurants, there are numerous luxury and trendy stores all around.

Angel Reyes

Angel Reyes is a photojournalist and columnist covering culture and travel trends for OMG BYE. He studied Film from Full Sail University. Angel also produces interactive projects and feature video.