The 5 Best Travel Apps

Like it or not, apps are now an irreplaceable part of daily life. In travel this is extremely beneficial as apps can easily be used to improve your travel experience. Some of the ways appas help you travel include helping schedule and get better deals on flights, helping pack, finding accommodation, giving reviews to help plan your travels, and translating foreign languages. Listed below in no particular order are the top travel apps that will help every traveller.


Skyscanner allows you to search through its database for the cheapest flights that will accommodate your travel needs. The app allows you to choose a particular date and destination if you are looking for something specific. If you would like to leave your options open, then choose a month when you would like to travel, and the “go anywhere” option,  which will show you the best deals from your local airport over that time frame. You can also customize your airline, price point, times of departure and arrival, and many other factors.


Packpoint helps create a checklist for your trip, and asks you a variety of questions in order to create the perfect packing list for your travels. The questions include: the types of activities you will be participating in, where you are going and if you are attending any fancy events. Packpoint also looks at the weather forecast for your destination and changes your list accordingly. The app is an awesome way to remember all your important travel items for your trip!


Airbnb is a household name worldwide, and an amazing way to find affordable accommodation in many countries. Owners use the app to rent their apartments, houses and spare bedrooms to travellers. Oftentimes it can be cheaper to stay in an Airbnb than a hotel when travelling to big cities, and it is an awesome way to feel less like a tourist and more like a local when travelling.


Tripadvisor is the perfect way to plan which destinations, restaurants and experiences you would like to visit during your travels. The app features reviews from other visitors about their experiences, and can influence and help you in making decisions on where to visit based upon the experiences of others.

Google Translate

Ever been to a country where nobody speaks English and you would like to communicate with the locals but can’t? Enter Google Translate.  Using the app you can easily type in a sentence to be translated instantly, or when communicating with locals, the app will even translate their diction! This means they can talk to your phone in their language and it will translate to English, and vice versa. Google Translate also allows you to save phrases and terms offline for later use and view dictionary results for a word or phrase.

Overall these five travel apps will help you in every aspect of your trip, whether it be flights, packing, accomadation, recommendations or translation. Enjoy your trip using these apps, and safe travels!

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