Navigating Art Basel 2021

When Art Basel Miami Beach unleashed the main list of galleries to participate in the event, people immediately discover the simple breakdown of the organization’s dream and objective for this year.


Art Basel: Fernando Botero’s Art in Miami Beach

These two events are a great opportunity for art lovers to see the masterpieces of some of the most famous living artists.

Ultimate Travel Necessity Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton's legacy as a trunk creator went before even the establishing of the organization.


Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

"This is one of the most exhilarating craziest experiences I've ever had in my entire life, literally death is a possibility because the bulls trample on anything in front of it.

Eat + Drink

Munich Germany's Oktoberfest

The first Oktoberfest in 1810 was, in fact, a universal national celebration on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Ludwig. Initially, Oktoberfest is mainly linked to horse racing and archery.


Enjoying Paris France's Architecture

It can be hard to determine what to see and what to skip, below you will find a list of some of the notable architectural landmarks that Paris has to offer.

"There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars!"