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Angel Reyes
May 3, 2022
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Are you planning to visit the prestigious French Quarter, Bourbon Orleans Hotel, haunted hotel, or one of the best places to be in Louisiana? If you want to enjoy the efficacy of the French Quarter, then the amazing and elegant location of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel is the right to place explore. This sophisticated property can be found between the well-known Bourbon Street and ritzy Royal Street and slightly adjacent to a popular Cathedral. Why is the Bourbon Hotel one of the most haunted places in Louisiana?

Apart from the mystery that plagues the previous events in this property, some unique things still makes it remarkably to date. The French Quarter is one of the first things that come to mind when exploring the history of this amazing hotel. Another thing that glows in this history of the Bourbon Hotel is the presence of ghosts walking around its corridors until today. Keep reading to discover the rich history of one of the most remarkable hotels in Orleans, Louisiana.

Bourbon Hotel – Once Upon A Time:

From inception, it is evident that the property never operated as a motel. The Bourbon Hotel operated first as a theater. Nevertheless, an initial plan to build the Theatre d’Orleans was designed around 1806. Due to the crisis that broke out at the time, the plan to build the theater disappeared until completed around 1815.

According to reports, the theater appeared in the form of an amazing and classic French style architecture matching the likes of European properties. As an international spot in the United States, no other property can match the elegance of the theater at the time.

Religious Activities In Theatre d’Orleans:

The progression occurring in both Salle d’Orleans and Theatre d’Orleans came to scratching halt due to the scenario of the Bourbon Street and the Civil War. The new era of the hotel may likely conform to the standard and quality of the Royal Street. The historic Salle d’Orleans was occupied by the premiere African-American religious home around 1881.

The worship place for the first people of color that occupied the property was the ballroom. With a sanctimonious inscription on the door of the ballroom, the worshippers reverenced their God. In the long run, the Salle d’Orleans was bought by the nuns that occupied the building.

This helped to eradicate the evil and dirty past of the property. During the convent years, the building acted as the premiere Catholic learning place for girls of color living in New Orleans, an orphanage and as well as a sisterhood location.

What Is Unique About The Hotel’s Ballroom?

One thing is for sure – the creator of the Theatre d’Orleans didn't like the progression and success of the property. Due Davis’s lack of content for the property, another section called the Orleans Ballroom came into existence immediately next door. The main reason for creating the ballroom was to be the converging area where Creole people living in New Orleans can meet.

The ballroom also remained an environment for military parades, carnival festivals and masquerade platforms. It is important to emphasize that this section of the building still maintained a status in the Bourbon Hotel. Currently, the ballroom is now an environment where marriage ceremonies and other crucial events take place.

According to viewers, it is mentioned that the dance of ghosts still occur in the ballroom of the Bourbon Hotel. Many people know the ballroom section of the hotel as a place where popular Quadroon balls are hosted during the 19th century. The way culture operated in the state changed when Louisiana bought the property in 1803.

Normal, the state will always stick to its cross-racial cultural belief system. However, things started changing in 1803 when the state of Louisiana bought the edifice. The historical and cultural activities that occurred in the Ballroom of the Bourbon Hotel made it highly unique and special.

Did Ghosts Walked In The Hotel?

When talking about being haunted, the hotel remained one of the most of such places. This implies that both workers and the property knew everything relating to the presence of ghosts within. Apart from the enjoyment you get while lodging in the French Quarter, it is also a special time to relate with dead people.

This is nothing but the mysterious and unforgiving part of visiting the Bourbon Hotel. While in the hotel, it is difficult to predict people that may come your way. According to workers and visitors, bodiless discarnate have occupied the halls of the hotel about four times.

What Is The Current State Of The Hotel?

The most amazing area of the hotel is the ballroom. The glory, reputation and status of the hotel are back to normal at the moment. The hotel has about two hundred and eighteen well-designed visitor rooms. Lodging in some of the visitor’s rooms of the hotel will provide you the opportunity of viewing the Orleans Avenue and Bourbon Street.

The truth is that you will always find something innovative and refreshing while visiting the hotel. A fitness center, free Wi-Fi, access to the saltwater pool, Bourbon O and cocktail centers are what you get for using the hotel.

Angel Reyes

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