The beautiful City of Medellín

Medellín has the power of a city twice as big. Located in a narrow valley, its horizon reaches the sky, forming tall buildings and offices against the background of irregular peaks in all directions. It is a place of activity and trade, especially in the production of cut flowers and textiles. At the weekends Medellín relaxes its hair, its nightclubs attract beautiful people.

Roman legionaries with plush toys, these corpulent figures have been symbols of the city of Medellín and are probably the most photographed works in the whole of Colombia. Its configuration compared to black and white drawings with the Palace of Culture by Rafael Uribe Uribe only emphasizes its overall attractiveness.

Medellin is located in a large bowl of the Andes, and the best way to see the panorama is to take public transport and catch the Metrocable Medellin. These futuristic cable cars overlook the surrounding hills and offer unrivaled views, ideal for passionate photographers. One option is the J line of social housing and small slums on a large deck near the last station of La Aurora. But another thing is to take Line L to Arvi Park, an urban oasis with wooded hills that feel so when you are far from the center of the city.

Colombia is the third largest coffee producer in the world and many beans come from the hills of Antioquia that surround Medellín. Of course, you do not have to leave the city to discover the incomparable flavors of Colombian coffee. The modern district of El Poblado is a center of coffee culture and has modern cafes that offer hearty local barbecues. The grandfather of all is Pergamino, with hot and cold drinks, mainly beans, grown on the owner's farm.

Comuna 13 was once the most dangerous area of Medellin. Now it's fast becoming one of the city's main attractions, with groups of tourists walking around the streets full of graffiti. Because? A growing system of outdoor escalators linking the cliff communities of Comuna 13 has helped to reduce crime and increase the pride of the community. Many escalator operators are also street artists who use colorful murals to animate the edges of the escalator, to reflect the difficult part of the neighborhood and provide hope for a bright future.

Colombian food may not be known around the world, but that does not mean it's not exotic and delicious. Before visiting Medellin, many of our guests had already arrived in Costa Rica and quickly got used to the variety of tropical fruits and food of Costa Rican culture. The food in Medellín (and in Colombia) is hardly different from the one in Costa Rica.

The dry season in Colombia lasts from December to March, but even outside this period, climatic variations are more regional than the clearly defined seasons. The main differences are in the highlands, where nights are cold at high altitude. The lowlands have a tropical climate all year round with little temperature changes, although the most frequent rainfalls are observed in the wettest April to June and again in October and November.

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