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Italy's Must taste Wine Tour

When thinking of Italy, one thinks of a typical Italian vineyard scene, with vines growing together with olive trees. All located in the countryside of Tuscany. Italy is world-renowned when it comes to wine-producing. Think about the Barolo or Brunello. And let’s not forget about the Chianti. Wine-producing in Italy is more than just business. It’s a combination of passion, hard work and tradition. Here are the best three cities in Italy that produce their own wine. 

Bardolino – city of wines

Bardolino is a splendid historical town in the north of Italy. With about 6,500 inhabitants it is one of the largest places on Lake Garda. Bardolino itself is not very big, yet it is very popular among tourists and it has many restaurants and pleasant terraces. The historic 'Piazza Matteotti' square is worth visiting and is a meeting place for both locals and tourists. Furthermore, there are various water sports on the beach of Bardolino such as windsurfing, paragliding, kite surfing and sailing. There are many castles, monuments and churches that can be visited in Bardolino. Take the two famous churches of San Zeno and San Severo.

The former is the oldest church in Italy and dates back to the ninth century. It is one of the few churches that survived the great earthquake in 1117. The San Severo was built in the eleventh century and is still seen as a Roman masterpiece. Bardolino is a huge name among wine lovers as it is world-renowned for wine-producing. Make sure to follow the Strada del Vino, the wine route in the surroundings of the village or attend the annual wine fests ‘Festa dell’ uva’. Those who want to learn more about the wines produced here can visit the Wine Museum or taste some Bardolino wines at Villa Calicantus near Lake Garda. 

Panzano - Chianti wine

The Chianti wine is a red wine that originated in a small of little villages in between Siena and Florence. Nowadays the Chianti is produced in a larger part of Tuscany stretching out from Pisa to Arezzo. In the 60’s Chianti used to be synonym for bad wine but several decades later, it has become one of the quality-proven wines in the world. Since the 90’s, Chianti wines that meet the strict requirements can carry the label DOCG Chianti Superiore, the highest qualification. The Chianti wine is made of the Sangiovese grape variety. 


The wines produced in Montefalco may not share the same reputation in the world as the ones above, still Italians consider these one of the best wines in the world. The village is known for its Sagrantino wine which is a bit stronger than the red wine you are used to. As quality comes with a price, it one of the most expensive wines to be found in the Italian peninsula. The tannic wine produced in Central Italy is derived from the cultivation of vines on the hills that enhance the rare qualities of this wine. It gained the DOC status already in 1979 and was elevated to the DOGC label, the highest wine ranking in Italy, in 1992. 

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