Italy's Belmond Hotel Caruso


Luis E. Gonzalez


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

Belmond Hotel Caruso is located in the most spectacular and amazing geographical location. One unique feature that makes this hotel different from other resorts is that it’s suspended between sky and sea. At the quietest and highest portion of Ravello, Belmond Hotel Caruso has been able to pitch its home. The hotel is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, cliffs and rocks of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Belmond Hotel has fifty individual rooms, arched stone vaults, frescoed salons and suites occupying every corner and shape of this ancient structure.

Without any iota of doubt, the hotel remains a classic retreat with an amazing sense of history. The rose arbour of this wonderful resort leads you to one of the best infinity pools in Europe and across the globe. The Belvedere Restaurant of the hotel is loaded with the best and reliable candlelit or sunlit dining found in Europe. The hotel remains almost impossibly romantic and is a retreat for film stars, writers and presidents.

Best Time To Visit Belmond Hotel Caruso:

April to June has been proven to be the best time to visit this amazing resort and the entire Amalfi Coast. This is because the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea accepts the first dip of the season, the climate remains warm enough and the spring flowers are in bloom.

Visitors will prevent the oppressive temperatures of the year and tourist crush between August and July by selecting early summer or late spring to see this resort. Visiting the Amalfi Coast is also great around October and September because temperatures maintain mild condition. During this period, you will not find many tourists around, making your trip to the Belmond Hotel Caruso resort excellent.

Benefits Of Visiting The Belmond Hotel Caruso:

1. This resort is ultraluxe in design and remains the best and most remarkable property on the Amalfi Coast

2. The hotel remains a celebrity hotspot. Jackie Kennedy, Humphrey Bogart, Dustin Hoffman, Gina Lollobrigida and Greta Garbo have all been guests in this resort

3. This is an amazing resort situated in the heart of Ravello on a picturesque cobblestone structure. The hotel is located in one of Italy’s best and dependable charming villages

4. The hotel displays a classic décor grand style with marble hallways, arched stone vaults, mosaic floors and frescoed salons

5. The historical charm of the resort is a product of fragrant gardens, winding narrow streets, summer music festival and much more

6. Colourful flowers, frescoes ribbon, nymphs, goddesses, cameos, Arcadian scenes and cornucopias beautify the ceilings in a plethora of salons, the chapel, the drawing room, the lobby and the boutique shop

7. The infinity swimming pool in the Belmond Hotel Caruso is one of the best in Europe and across the known world

8. Visitors will surely get a stellar dining experience when using this resort

How To Get To The Hotel?

The hotel is only sixty minutes or sixty-five kilometers away from the Naples International Airport within Capodichino. With a private taxi company, it is easy to arrange transfers. The hotel can also arrange a transfer on the request of the visitor at an affordable price. In supreme luxury, guests can enjoy the hotel’s arrangement for a private helicopter on arrival.

Tips To Save Money And Visitor’s Future Trips:

1. At Belmond Hotel Caruso, you can enjoy free VIP perks when booking through Virtuoso. This includes one hundred dollars beverage & food credit, later check-out, early check-in, daily breakfast and upgraded room

2. Booking a room on a higher floor will help you view the sea perfectly It help to boost an enormous private terrace

3. Strike affordable deals with the hotel before you arrive by directly calling for reservation


The design of this resort is no doubt superb, classic, elegant, incredible and magnificent. There is no other better place to pitch this great hotel than the quietest and highest portion of Ravello. The upgraded rooms and infinity pool at Belmond Hotel Caruso will beat all your expectations. Daily breakfast, spa and nutritious foods will make you be a repeated client with this hotel.

The hotel service is rated ten out of ten due to the excellent solution you get as a client. When talking about the value for money, this resort cannot be compared to most hotels in Europe and across the globe. The exceptional overall experience at Belmond Hotel Caruso will keep you speechless.

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