Visiting Shangai on a budget


Angel Reyes


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

Nihao! Or should I just say hello? When you read this article, chances are high that you are thinking of working on your bucketlist, taking your bags and visit Shangai. Shangai has a reputation of being the Paris f the East. Not because you are able to eat baguettes or macarons on every corner of the streets, but because of the unique mix between East and West. It is China’s wealthiest and largest city and competition for New York and Paris. But as with all major metropoles in the world, visiting Shangai comes with a price tag. An expensive one. Fortunately, there are a few ways to visit Shangai on a budget. 

Admire the skyline from the Bund

The Bund, or Waitan as the locals refer to it, is a place near the water with an amazing view on the city. It is located in the middle of Shangai and is exactly how you would picture it: as an Eastern Paris but minus the Eiffeltower. This place is one of the main attractions in Shangai and attracts lots of architecture lovers as you get a splendid view on the 52 buildings with various styles such as art deco, neoclassicism or neo gothic.  

The Former French Concession of Shangai

Between 1849 and 1956, this foreign district of Shangai was the main living and shopping area of the city. If you love the art deco style, you will love this district. Why the city is often referred to as Paris of the East is something that will become clear after having seen this part of Shangai. With European-styled cafés, gorgeous gardens and the beautiful lanes, you might even think that you are not in Asia anymore. The area is bordered with Xintiandi in the east, Tianzifang in the south and Fuxing Middle Road in the west. Also, this is the place where you can find the first national congres of the Communist Party of China, which is nowadays a museum. 

Zhongsan Park

Despite the fact that I love to visit the hightlights of a metropole, my favorite spots are often the urban parks where you can leave the bustle behind. Something the older generations know all too well. They come to Zhongsan Park to gather and try to stay fit while dancing. And if you are not too shy, why not join them? 

Drink for free

After spending all day sightseeing the main attractions of Shangai, you might want to enjoy a cool beer at the end of the day. Fortunately there is a great way to save on your nightlife budget. Since you are staying in a huge metropole, there is always an opening, anniversary some kind of event where free drinks are offered to customers. The website Smart Shangai can help you with up to date information on these kind of deals. For those who enjoy clubs better, there is the chance to experience the foreigner treatment at some clubs. This allows you to enter and drink for free, allthough it must be said that the alcohol is low quality. 

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