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Delicious Peruvian cuisine


Angel Reyes


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

Peru has an exquisite and varied gastronomy and this is due to its land and cultural diversity. Each city has its own regional dish with unique flavor and Peruvian cuisine reflects with the country’s history and there are varieties that are unique in the world. The cuisines of different regions like Lima, Amazon, north coast, Andes, Arequipa, and Novo-Andean are waiting to be served at your table which will give you an outstanding and unparalleled gastronomic experience.



This is an animal that is found traditionally in the Peruvian Andes and it is used for various traditional dishes and each has a distinctive and amazing flavor which leave you yearning for more. There are many ways cuy is prepared in Peru and they cuy al horno (baked cuy), cuy al palo (cuy on a stick), cuy chactado (fried cuy) and so on.


Cuy chactado is a deep-fried guinea pig and if you order for one, you will get a whole guinea pig which has been seasoned and then fried and will be served with potatoes, salad or corn. Some people that have tasted it said it tastes like pork, some chicken, some rabbit but you will have to taste it to come to a conclusion of the taste.


Cuy is traditionally served in the Andean region this way and it will be stuffed with herbs, baked over a spit and then served whole. If you order for this, the guinea pig will be roasted with potatoes in an oven and then served with potatoes and vegetables and it is cut into chunks based on the number of guests that is ready to eat this particular dish.


It is well known in the town of Lamay as it is readily available to try out as you pass through. The people of the town are friendly to visitors and they will display the cuys on a stick so as to get your attention and try out this delicious cuy al Palo. You will want to eat it whole if you see how the skin of the guinea pig becomes crispy in contact with the oven’s heat. The town people prepare this delicacy by seasoning the cuys with huacatay which is an herb which gives an amazing flavor to the flesh when it is combined with salt.

Cuy al Palo is served with noodles, stuffed rocoto, and boiled potatoes and you can add hot pepper sauce (Uchucuta) till you get the desired taste.


Ceviche is a national dish and it is considered to be a part of the Peruvian national heritage and it is must try dish for visitor before you leave Peru. Ceviche is prepared by curing raw fish in citrus juices and then spicing it with Chili. It is then served with corn, onion, and potatoes. Sometimes shellfish is added with raw fish or it is used to replace the fish according to what you like. It is eaten at lunchtime due to its high acidity which could upset delicate stomachs by the locals and you should try and follow their leads. 


Peru is home to different varieties of potatoes and it is considered the place where humble tuber was first domesticated several years ago and it is no surprise that the Peruvian eats potatoes in different forms. Papa a la Huancaina is like Peruvian comfort food and it is mainly boiled yellow potatoes that are served in a creamy and spicy sauce. This is among the dishes that are common in the nooks and cranny of the country.

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