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South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2019


Angel Reyes


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

There is pretty much a festival for everything! Think costume, food, film, music, cultural, I mean am almost tempted to say there is nothing good that cannot be celebrated in color and pomp.

Now that I mentioned it, imagine a food festival that is simply magical. Why magical? Am not talking about the never ending tea party like in Alice in Wonderland, no. Am talking about the Food Network and Cooking Channel South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

This is a spectacular national, celebrated five-day event that will have you scheduling to fly down to Florida. You get the opportunity to interact with the flare of the crème of wine and spirit production, personalities in the culinary industry and the some of the most seasoned chefs.

Having existed for over a decade, this festival has attracted both locals and internationals to experience a one of a kind wine and dine affair. You get to see some of your favorite cook shows and literature come to life.

This year in Miami, the culinary artistry will be blending seamlessly with wines and spirits brewed to perfection in the picturesque beach landscape. Colorful tents accommodate the various displays with beautiful glowing yellow lights floating above the excited crowds who stay on for the night.

What to look forward to in the Food Network and Cooking Channel South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami

Every day spent at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival teems with activity, each unique from another.

You can travel through Rome to Venice to Palermo by enjoying a selection of renowned Italian delicacies. So for that exquisite lasagna or the classic Bolognese sauce, Italian Bites is suited just for you.

For the ultimate taco experience, Taco After Dark will have you singing in Mexican as your taste buds tingle with bursts of flavor from an assortment of the best tacos in town!

If you fancy sea food then there is a whole party waiting for you hence Oyster Bash courtesy of Oyster Bay Wines. Be part of the intense night of gourmet presentation by a selection of 60 top chefs in the USA in the Wine Spectator’s Best of the Best.

Vote for your best burger as you enjoy a cold one by Heineken in the Heineken Light Burger Bash. No outdoor party is complete without a barbeque and the Beachside Barbeque is bringing on the table all that grill magic.

As they say nothing tastes better than good chicken. Chicken Coupe has been organized to fascinate those who love that crunchy chicken oozing with flavor and what’s more, you get to spice up the night with a sparkly glass of champagne.

Get in a zesty mode with Happy Hour’s presentation of the best cocktails and get to know the secret behind a good glass of spirits. You can get some tricks up your sleeves too at the Cocktail-Creating Master Class and drink up from your very own recipe.

Still down for some more cocktails? There is the Art of Tiki Showdown, where you also get to watch the thrilling face-off between the best bartenders across Florida for the tiki-King title. Sample from the best bars during Mixing It Up on the Miami River.

The star-studded festival will not only fill your tummy with goodies but your notebook with nuggets too. Attend a range of seminars and talk-throughs and learn on different themes in all the major industries represented in the festival.

Attend an exciting talk dabbed Behind the Shaker and get to step in the bartender’s shoe. You can peak into the days to come during the seminar: The Future of Alternative Proteins: Sustainability, Cultural Barriers and Messaging.

A wine festival is not a wine festival without a wine seminar! So look out for the Riedel Champagne Tasting Seminar presenting “See, Smell, Taste the Difference a Glass Makes” amongst many others.

Food and fitness have an interesting relationship. I mean, one cannot mention fitness without mentioning food, something about an apple a day keeping the doctor away?

The festival comes with Bootcamp and Bites where you get to learn and practise how to eat healthily and break a sweat to get that healthy food flowing through your system. Get that back flexing with the yoga themed Budha and Bellinis accompanied with healthy bites and of course, Bellinis.

Tag your kids along for an exciting session at the Goya Foods Kidz Kitchen at Jungle Island. The young ones will learn how to pull off yummy nutritious treats as they interact with the cool animals inhabiting Jungle Island.

Your fury adorable buddies definitely have their moment at the festival with the Nulo Pet’s Food Yappie Hour. Your dogs will be wagging their tails all the way home after chomping down some delicious canine treats.

Talents at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival is definitely loaded with fun so how about a look at a couple of the individuals who will be actualizing this event.

From the Food Network and Cooking Channel is Ted Allen from the show Chopped hosting the Art of Tiki Cocktail Show, Guy Fieri from Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen and Bar Samantha and Cody Carrol from Sac-a-Lait will be hosting the Beachside Barbeque, Giada De Lurentis hosting Italian Bites.

To add onto the list, the likes of Anne Burrell from Worst Cooks in America, Tyler Florence from Wayfare Tavern, Emeril Lagasse from Emeril’s and Katie Lee from The Kitchen will be gracing the event.

Some of the representatives of the world of wines and spirits are Xavier Barlier from Champagne Louis Roederer, Alessandro Bernini from Shaw Ross, Antonin Bonnet from M.Chapoutier and Julia Jackson from Jackson Family Wines.

Chefs and Lifestyle personalities include Kal Abdalla from A Fish Called Avalon, Einat Admony from Kish-Kash, Cristian Alvarez from Fiorito and Donatella Arpaia from Prova Pizzabar.

The festival would not be complete without other talents including a glamorous drag queen show presented by Alex Carr and Elvis Duran. Drag queen Adora, Daisy Deadpetals, Electra, Tiffany Fantasia just to name a few will be taking center-stage during the Drag Brunch. Famous comedian actor Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the Heineken Light Burger Bash with David Burtka.

Indeed the 2019 edition of the South Beach Wine and Food Festival is an event worth attending. Great opportunity to have fun with family and friends as you explore the sandy southern shore and meet new people.

So get grab your tickets and get our taste buds geared up for the best dining experience this year. All roads (and airways) lead to Miami come February!

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