Unique AirBNB's In Germany


Jenny Patron


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

I used Airbnb in about twelve different countries, so it’s fair to say that I’m a big fan of the accommodation platform. Not only are Airbnb rooms often cheaper than regular hotels, they are a great way of meeting local people as well. You can find all different types of accommodation on Airbnb. Appartments, lofts, single rooms, … or even some unique places. Here are a few unique Airbnb rentals in Germany that will make any traveler jealous.

Stay the Night in a Beer Barrel

Germany is well-known for its beers and beerfests. You don’t have to spend the whole night in bars or clubs to get close to it. Sometimes, having a look on Airbnb just does the trick. These historic beer barrel bed dates back from the 19th century and was used until about 1995. One barrel can be rented as a double bed or as a single bed. 

Location: Ostbevern, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Price: $115/night

Mongolian Yurt

Why travel all the way to Mongolia if you can spend the night in a yurt in Germany? This traditional yurt is situated in a peaceful private garden in the outskirts of Nuremberg. It might not be too big, but the setting is very romantic to have a special stay with your partner. 

LOCATION: Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

Price: 39€/ night

Treehouse with view on water

Spending the night in a treehouse would be a dream stay for many people. But this accommodation adds an extra experience as well. The treehouse is located on the small island Ummanz and offers views on the surrounding water. Enjoy the sunset and see how the sky colors red while hanging in your hammock. 

Location: Ummanz 

Price: 120€ / night

The Wagon

This 100% ecological wagon is located about 800 meters away from the Baltic sea. While the wagon itself is small, it gives you the ultimate nature experience. There is a composttoilette and warm shower. The surroundings are great for active travelers who wish to spend their holiday hiking or biking in the hilly fields overlooking the Danish coastline. 

Location: Klipphausen 

Price: 70€ / night

Romantic castle appartment

Ever wanted to stay in a real castle? Here’s your chance. The castle is located on the ridge of the valley overlooking the Elbe and is a dream location for a romantic night. 

Location: Steinberg 

Price: 57€ / night

Loft in Berlin

This loft is located in a 110 year old factory, one of the very last ones in Berlin that is not bought by a developper and still is full of artists. With its 4 Meter high ceilings and original concrete floors it still has a rough industrial style character. The unique furniture consists of custom-made pieces or vintage collectibles. Even the Bakelite switches are original pieces from the 40s or 60s.

Location: Berlin

Price: 313 pond/ night

Loth Lorien

Why not spend the night on the water and experience the aquatic charm of Hamburg? The Loth Lorien is a sailing ship that accommodates a total 36 bunk buddies. Ideal for large groups who wish to have an unique stay in Germany. 

Location: Hamburg 

Price: 60€ / night

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