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Louis Vuitton unveiled the 10th Louis Vuitton Show, a remarkable adventure through Mason's 160-year history of innovative trade and brilliantly integrated efforts.At the point when he was just sixteen years of age, Louis Vuitton settled on a choice that would change his own life as well as the lives of his children and who and what is to come: he would turn into a trunk-ace. Louis Vuitton's legacy as a trunk creator went before even the establishing of the organization.

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It was in 1837 that a 16-year-old Louis Vuitton landed in Paris by foot and began apprenticing for Monsieur Maréchal. At the time, horse-drawn carriages, vessels and trains were the primary methods of transportation, and things were taken care of generally. Explorers called upon specialists to pack and secure their individual items.

Louis Vuitton immediately turned into an esteemed skilled worker at the Parisian atelier of Monsieur Maréchal. These were the foundations of his profoundly particular exchange; the beginnings of his vocation in a high-quality industry that called upon abilities to specially craft boxes and, later, trunks as per customers' desires. Louis Vuitton remained for a long time before opening his workshop at 4 Rue Neuve-des-Capucines close to the Place Vendome.

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During two stories at the infamous 468 North Road Drive in Beverly Hills, California, Louis Vuitton X snatched over 180 elements of Louis Vuitton's files and scenes to follow Mason's plan. This show combines a prominent classification of extravagant trunks in the mid-twentieth century, stunning containers with craftsmanship, smell and window displays for Justin Lewis, grandson of Louis Vuitton, for example.

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However, the monogram bags called Karl Lager Field, Karl Lager Field were created by modern experts and creators. Rei Kawakubo, Cindy Sherman, Frank Geary and craftsmen included unique collaborative efforts and committees, including Yue Kisma, Richard Prince and Zaha Hadid.

Louis Vuitton X is a blueprint and version of Louis Vuitton's progressive speech about the past and future, heritage and development, survival and development and development.

In a move that angered the industry and fashion community, Louis Vuitton named Virgil Aboh, founder of the 37-year-old Elevated Luxury Streetwear brand, as the new artistic director of men's clothing. Abloh will present its first collection of furniture for flooring in June during the Men's Fashion Week in Paris. He replaced Kim Jones, who served for seven years and now oversees men's clothing at Christian Dior, a company owned by LVMH. Nicholas Gascour is the artistic director of women's reserves.

Although Abolah's name is trading in the fashion world as a potential candidate for first place since January, the news of the announcement shocked social media late Sunday night, with many consumers considering this possibility. But enthusiasts express what boats can do. Bring such a respectable European institution.

In a statement, Michael Burke, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, says, “After working with me at Fendi after Virgil's rise to 2006, I am pleased to see that their creativity and worrying style is why they do it - not only in the fashion world but also In today's famous culture. "In fact, Abloh's height can be attributed not only to its famous non-pasted name. , Which nurtures the world of couture and couture, but also the insecurity base of their loyal and enthusiastic followers who come with her and her brand. I subscribed to the platforms (boasted only 1.6 million followers on Instagram). Ablo, who has long been the creative director of Kanye West, attracted a crowd of fans at the Fall 2015 Women's Fair during Paris Fashion Week.

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Such a unique noise was certainly a factor in the employment of third-generation baby boomers, who are exposed to young people and street culture in a way that old brands are striving to be a part of. StreetLux hybrid is a big attraction for Louis Vuitton and comes at a time when this particular market segment is creating a sensation for luxury brands and retailers alike. For example, LVX Supreme's lucrative collaboration has proven to be a very successful project, highlighting the importance of attracting a new generation of street fashion enthusiasts. Speaking of collaboration, Abloh gained fame as a serial partner, offering a limited edition at the business level, and limited to a wide range of brands including Jimmy Choo, Warby Parker and Nike. The office is ready

There is no doubt that Louis Vuitton wants to capitalize on the momentum of the boom and bring his unique brand sensitivity to a new and modern era, contributing to the vast majority of revenue of the parent company LVMH.Louis Vuitton has created an exhibition in Los Angeles featuring his collaboration with leading artists over the last 160 years, with a dedicated bag and a tropical pop-up shop.The Louis Vuitton X Gallery contains 180 pieces of the French Fashion House archive at the 468 North Road Drive in Beverly Hills.

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The items were painted in 10 colorful rooms. Some exhibition spaces are dark black with incandescent colored lighting designs, while others resemble white galleries or glass-screen museums.In one display room, the walls of the chessboard, ceilings and floors are painted in painted roses. Rooms feature a turquoise sea with boats, pier and rocks. Elsewhere, there are white walls covered with Louis Vuitton in black lines, with dozens of contemporary paintings painted.

The exhibition featured six Louis Vuitton leather bags of large sizes for well-known artists and designers, including Carl Legerfeld and Zaha Hadid, as well as Rai Kawakubo, Yui Kisma, Cindy Sherman and Frank Geary. Another highlight of the exhibition is the latest Artcapkins collection from the Louis Vuitton collection, a project of six contemporary artists whose bags are specifically designed for custom poster bags. Designed by Sam Falls, Urs Fisher, Nicholas Holloway, Alex Israel, Chishabala Self and Jonas Wood.

These purses are balanced on white pads, each with a different color. There is a pop-up shop on the top floor of the building. The retail space is adorned with pink palm trees, while the yellow dome roof is designed to shine like a sunset. The products listed in the shop are Sarah Andelman, founder of consulting and censorship firm Justin Ann Idea and former creative director of the Parisian concept store Colette.The items on sale are Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear for women, leather goods, accessories, shoes and perfumes.Additional features of the exhibition include a collection of Louis Vuitton trunks for special order from the 20th century, art deco perfume bottles and window displays designed by the grandson of Louis Vuitton Gaston Louis.

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