Argentina's breathtaking Iguazu Falls


Jason Munoz


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

Located on the border of both Argentina and Brazil, this system of waterfalls is the largest in the world. Today the falls are a UNESCO world heritage site, and part of a National Park connecting the two countries. If you are visiting Paraguay Iguazu National Park is also not far away! Although local tribes knew about the falls before anyone else, they were only “officially” discovered by Europeans in 1541.

With 275 individual waterfalls spanning over 3 kilometres, surrounded by a rainforest filled with wildlife, this stunning site is definitely worth a visit if you are touring either through Brazil or Argentina! The best ways to observe the falls and enjoy the national park is either by boat, on foot or by zip line.

There are a variety of different boat tours that operate on either the Brazilian or Argentinian side of the national park. This choice is ideal for adrenaline junkies, as many tours take place on speedy motor boats, that race underneath waterfalls, around large rocks and up river rapids. On the Argentinian side of the national park, boats usually approach closer to many of the falls, while on the Brazilian side there is more distance offered. Make sure to wear clothing that will dry fast, and not to bring along items that can be easily damaged by water! Some tours also require passport identification, and as it is vital to keep your passports safe, make sure to bring a waterproof container for them.

If you are less inclined to take the adrenaline filled boat tour, you can easily see the falls up close on foot. The national park has installed pathways over many of the major waterfalls, which is an easy, safe way to view the torrents of gushing water up close. Most of these pathways are accessible for both wheelchairs and strollers, making it a great option for any type of traveller. The most notable of the pathways passes incredibly close to the Devil’s Throat, which is the largest waterfall in Iguazu National Park. Overall, seeing the falls by walking on the national park’s extensive network of pathways is a great option for any traveller, whether you are journeying with your family, friends or solo.

The last option is another ideal for thrill seekers: zip lining. There are many tours available that will take you into the forest surrounding the falls, and give you the opportunity to see the area from a new perspective. Flying above the forest is breathtakingly beautiful, and you will not regret taking the opportunity to see it from above.On many tours before going ziplining you will go hiking first, where you will be able to see some of the area's renowned waterfalls. Later you may even see them from above! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity when visiting Iguazu Falls National Park!

The waterfalls and rainforest are worth a visit if you are visiting Brazil, Argentina or even Paraguay! Whether you are looking to experience an adrenaline filled adventure or just observe the beauty of the area, you can easily find the right tour for your needs at Iguazu Falls National Park. Safe travels and enjoy your trip!

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