Everything you need for your Road Trip!


Angel Reyes


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

So you have planned a road trip through the United States. Turn on your radio and hit the road with ‘Born to be wild’ in the background is a good start to make your roadtrip an epic one. But before you drive your first miles towards cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas or one of the many national parks, here is some extra great advice that will make your roadtrip one you’ll never forget. 

Best Apps


Need a place to eat? To fuel up or just to have a good night sleep? This app will help you find all the basic necessities in only a few minutes. The app will localize you on the highway and show you the amenities available at the next exit. It also gives you extra information on how you will need to travel off route, which is more useful than the signs along the highway that show you the icons, but without the travel distances. 

Gas Buddy

This is one must-have app if you want to save travel budget on gas. Gas Buddy compares all gas prices in the area. Since the prices are crowdsources, it might be possible that less visited areas don’t have up-to-date information. Fortunately the app also shows you the date of the last update. 


When on a roadtrip in the USA, you will want to see several tourist attractions along your route. While national parks and cities may easily be covered in your pre-trip planning, this app is a good add-on to visit some unexpected sightseeing gems along your route. You can choose between several categories such as historical attractions, hiking routes and amusement parks. 

Camping tools

Going on a roadtrip while camping along the way is one of the greatest holidays you can make. But besides a tent and cooking stove, there are a few extra tools that might prove to be useful during your journey. 

EE Car Wifi

This gadget is specifically designed for cars, vans or caravans. It can be plugged into the 12V connection of your car and allows you to connect up to ten devices. This way you will never be without Wifi. 

Roof Road shower

Especially when traveling in hot desert areas, this camping tool is one not to miss. The shower can be installed on the roof of your car and is solar powered. 

Travel Storage System

When spending several weeks on the road in your car, chances are high your stuff will be all over the place. One of the best ways to avoid this mess is getting a decent travel storage system that will help you organize your clothes and gear. 


These foldable cups and plates are a useful piece of equipment when on a camping trip. They are easily stored as they fold flat for compact packing. They are a good option if you go on a hiking trip as well as they are superlight. 

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