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May 2, 2022
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One of the world recognizable air travel partners is the Emirates airline which is Dubai based. Emirates management has proposed a move to scrap off the windows from the aircraft. This seems like a restrictive move for people to enjoy their travels while viewing in real life the sky and the clouds.

What are Windowless Planes? The idea behind windowless planes involves placing virtue windows in the aircraft where the passengers can comfortably relish the projected views of the world while traveling. Digital screens are used as virtue windows by displaying the landscape as it is while being recorded by the fiber optic cameras outside the plane.

Why Windowless Planes is a Good Idea? Windows at an aircraft add to its structural complexity. However, removing the windows will bring about new dynamism to the planes. Consequently, windowless planes will weigh 50% less making them lighter with no structural weaknesses. The aircraft will move at a faster speed because the wings are composite and lighter making the time spent in travels to be less due to increased efficiency. Furthermore, lighter planes have less fuel consumption rate leading to lowered operating costs. Thus, emirates travel costs will be significantly reduced making air travels affordable to most of the people across the globe. Additionally, windowless planes will have an environmental impact by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced due to high fuel consumption.

Concerns with the Idea of Windowless Planes? After many years at the conceptual level designing how windowless planes would look like, a time has come for the actualization of the plan. But, technology is known for its unexpected glitches from time to time. It would be disappointing for passengers enjoying the worldview and out of nowhere there is a blackout on the screens due to technical malfunctions. The sense of Claustrophobia might deepen as passengers would feel out of control.

Emirates designers, therefore have a mountain task to convince users and win their trusts by creating a system that is consistently dependable at all times. The design should have a higher resolution that would make travelers overlook the fact that they are looking at screens.

The idea of windowless planes has stirred some arguments in the air travel industry. Some views in place are that having communication with the world at some point's increases the traveler's experiences making them crave for more travels. Clients at emirates airlines would, therefore, lose this sense of touch with the outside world. In cases of emergencies, windowless planes would pose as a threat to safety since cabin crew always wants to have a reference position to carry out evacuations. Windowless planes inhibit spatial and visual awareness which are essential in every flight especially in situations of electric breakdown meaning the virtue windows are hindered from working correctly thus not possible to view outside. Moreover, in case the windowless planes would come to function, it would lead to regulatory issues. More thorough tests would be required to be carried out by competent aviation engineers to assess how to deal with matters of evacuation, system redundancy, pressurization, fire suppression among other vital engineering changes.