Amsterdam Unraveled: A Traveler's Guide to the City's Eclectic Mysteries

In case you are searching for a place to spend your new year eve, then you can consider Amsterdam, and you won't be disappointed.

Angel Reyes
April 9, 2024
Travel Tips

Ever been to Amsterdam? If not then you should make arrangement to visit there.. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is located around a dam in the river Amstel. It has several parks, open spaces, and squares within the town which makes the environment so refreshing to relax. A tourist once described it as paradise. After a busy day in the city, a night in Amsterdam compensates for all the fatigue. Party life in Amsterdam begins when When night falls. The natives know how to spend their free time. When looking for a perfect environment for friends night outs or even a couple looking for a romantic night together; you may want to consider Amsterdam.

During holidays, a night in the city is just too awesome to be real. The large town allows for significant entertainment events which are very spectacular to happen concurrently.

When in Amsterdam at night, one of the must-go places that you can't afford to miss is The Queen’s Head café, known to be one of the oldest gay bars in the city. It is situated at the red light district of Amsterdam. The organizers are doing a fantastic job to ensure the continuous history of entertainment in the bar is upheld. They organize events occasionally with one of the most attended to events being the bingo which is done on a weekly basis.

They also play some of the sweetest tunes in town which comprise both latest and lyrics that were written years back, but that is still soothing to the heart. During holidays or over the weekends, their resident DJ’s rock the place with continuous cool music from 10 pm all the way to the wee hours of the morning and if not keen you may find yourself glued on the dancing floor the whole time without noticing. The Queen’s Head café also offers venues for personal parties or work events.

Other unique features of Amsterdam are there over 250 pot cafes located throughout the red light district of the city. Unlike many cities in the world where smoking weed is illegal, selling of cannabis to adults over 18 years is allowed. This allows for visitors to enjoy pot in a pleasant environment without having to watch over your back for a law enforcer.The coffeeshops range from the very cheap to the extravagant shops to suit everyone's class. These coffee shops provide a conducive environment for mingling and interacting with different people and spending quality time with loved ones. The shops are equipped with TVs and facilities for playing games like chess and cards in a very relaxing way.

With the banning of magic mushrooms in Amsterdam smart shops, you may want to try the rip truffle’ which have become more popular now. But be warned that as much as they may be legal, they come with a risk when consumed by tourists who visit Amsterdam for a short period. Red district will not miss out from the lips of anyone who has experienced Amsterdams night life.It is known for its red neon windows where barely-dressed prostitutes display what they can offer.If you want to see a woman that you like you can pass by Red district.You might have a company for the party but first liarse with her.

In case you are searching for a place to spend your new year eve, then you can consider Amsterdam, and you won't be disappointed.

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