Cool Things to do in Tokyo


Angel Reyes


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

Tokyo: Tourism in Japan has become a major boost since Tokyo won its bid to host the 2020 Olympics. A record of around 19.7 million tourists has been made in the country in 2015, with number of them spending their timein the magical capital city of Japan. In a 2013 poll by TripAdvisor, Tokyo was also named the world's most satisfying city for travellingand since then the popularity of the city is continuing to grow. 

Below are some reasons of why you too should visit Tokyo and what things you can actually do when you are in the city. 

Go under the bridges: Want to see Tokyo from the water? One of your best bets would be a cruise down the Kanda River from Nihonbashi to take you with one of these irregularly operating boats. The boats here gounder several of Tokyo’s unique bridges and also carry you to riverside areas which include Suidobashi and Akihabara.

Dinner on the top: This expansion wing is highly known in Tokyo which is also the already massive Akasaka Intercity complex which wows locals and visitors alike with a high-end selection of cafes and restaurants which also include prime rib establishment Lawry’s and venerable yakitori dealers Miyagawa. A must place for tourists who want to have food with a view.

Tokyo’shistoric icon: December 2014 was the year which was marked as the 100th anniversary of Tokyo Station, whose red-brick facade has become a prominent reminder of Japan’s rush to modernization in the early 20th century. Even after six years of rotation, it’s looking even better and got completed in 2012. If you are in Tokyo, this is the not the place to miss.

Get a break in Todoroki Valley: This one kilometer of lush towpath, which stretches from Todoroki Station and goes towards the children’s park, is very popular but also never get too crowded. When the weather’s good, this place has its own beauty to offer and there can be number of refreshing spots in the Todoroki Valley.

Be an owl: Combine your budget and decide to stay in Tokyo for longer period of time. With dance tunes and craft coffee at this new Hatchobori hostel, you are going to love this place a little too much. It also promises a dawn-to-dusk party atmosphere. And in addition to the usual dorms and private rooms, Wise Owl also offers furnished apartments and houses the Howl bar, which is also equipped with a top-of-the-line sound system and not to forget the DJ booth. Wise Owl Hostels are definitely a thing you wouldn’t want to miss when you are in Tokyo.

See the rainbow, walk over it: The city's most famous bridge crosses Tokyo Bay and is also shaped like a rainbow. It connects Shibaura pier with Odaiba and also carries the Metropolitan Expressway which is a public highway and the Yurikamome line, plus a pedestrian walkway. You can access the latter through the gates near Shibaura-Futo Station and Odaiba-Kaihinkoen Station, but keep one thing in mind, since there are no toilets on the bridge, so go prepared.


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