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Best Pizza on South Beach


Angel Reyes


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

Miami Beach, FL It's hard to decide on a place to eat when you're craving pizza especially on the beach, with so many different restaurants deciding is tough if you demand quality and fresh ingredients. Living on the beach for many years I have narrowed down the top three best pizza places! 

First up is a local favorite and tourist hotspot with multiple locations all over the beach, it's your standard amazing New York style pizza! Pizza Rustica South Beach, with slices ready to be heated in the oven or custom pies. The pies are very fulfilling, one slice is the equivalent of two slices in my opinion. 

I love Pizza Rustica because they load up the slices with tons of fresh toppings. The pies are enormous! And you can enjoy a slice at anytime of the day including at three in the morning when everybody else's wood brick ovens are off. 

PIZZA RUSTICA - Address : 667 Lincoln RdMiami Beach, FL 33139United States Phone: (305) 672-2334 Hours: 11AM-2AM


LUCALI In Miami Beach, FL

Lucali is a high-end pizzeria located on Bay Road the atmosphere is so chic but Italian oriented. Inside you'll find rustic tables, Half painted walls and overall a very romantic atmosphere. The pizza is cooked in a wood brick oven where customers can see the the pizzas being preparing and tossed. The crust is so crunchy and delicious!

Nothing like I've tried before, the sauce has a really distinct flavor said to be made the night before every day that they're open at three in the morning. Then they drench the pizza in fresh basil, they don't go cheap either. The presentation and flavor and even the Italian country environment compliment each other so much that when you get the bill you're not so nauseous. On that note, Lucali is also the only place Jayz and Beyoncé eat pizza! Not kidding! 

Lucali Address: 1930 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139 Phone:(305) 695-4441 / Hours 5–11PM


Heart shaped pizza on Valentine's Day at SPRIS in Miami Beach, FL

My number one spot for pizza is Spris on Lincoln Road which has been in business for over 20 years! I guess I'm accustomed to fresh wood brick oven pizza cooked in 900°. Hungry? You won't have to wait long for your pizza as the traditional Italian process cook's pizza in less than three minutes! Talk about fresh! The crust is superthin and satisfying with the cheese and sauce adding that phenomenal element of deliciousness.

My first time at Spris was on a date with an Italian girl who told me and recommended the spot, she said to me "this pizza reminds me of my village in Italy", she began to drench her pizza in olive oil which I followed and fell in love. Not with her but with my newly found pizzeria. Drenching your pizza in olive oil with this specific style of crust is so complementary and so scrumptious you will have an orgasm. The atmosphere is fun for people watching and enjoying the weather, and if you get there around 7 o'clock they do have a happy hour with selected pizzas.

This is my top choice because of the price quality and speed. It has been rumoured that the late world famous Steve Jobs dined outside in south beach sun at Spris when he did a corporate surprise visit at the Lincoln Road Apple Store location when it was located near Meridian. 

SPRIS Address: Lincoln Road Mall, 731 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139 Phone: (305) 673-2020 Hours: 12–11PM


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