Best Night Clubs in Berlin


Angel Reyes


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

Only in berlin would you find a nightclub inside a former power plant, sexy was what a one-time mayor described the city. Clubbing in Berlin is enourmous as you might have expected, inside the bubbling atmosphere you will find dancing and more illicit activities. 

The best Berlin nightclubs incorporate anything from fun,sex, bass and trap to hip hop, goth or experimental. The city’s clubbers tend to have a long-lasting crowd, you wouldn’t want to miss out of the fetish scenes full of crazy acts. Both sexes intermingle, getting sweaty and licentious to a party that takes few breaks. It’s possible to show up at Berlin on Friday night and not leave ‘til Sunday. 

Berlin is probably the best clubbing city in Europe. The clubber culture has become a life style and music is a religion. You may wonder why the nightlife is so intense in this city. People take advantage of their acquired freedom, which is why the clubbing scene developed in such a unique way and over such a short period of time. Inside abandoned factories and commercial buildings that had to be taken down, clubs started to mushroom at full speed. Looking to express themselves, Berliners found inside those clubs a new identity. Since there are so many options in town, we will give you an insider guide about the best clubs to make sure you don’t get lost in this hedonistic Disneyland for grow-ups.  


Located just around the corner from Tresor, KitKatClub is a popular co-ed fetish spot. Guest are allowed to engage in sexual intercourse openly at the venue. A strict dress code needs to be respected in order to get into KitKatClub door and requiring fetish, latex, leather, kinky, high style, glamour. With ultral-violet light and fluorescent color painting.  



Berghain is one of the best club in Berlin – and also one of the best sound system you can get. So be prepared to dance for hours and listen to top quality music. You will feel like you are in paradise once you step inside Berghain. Their lineup is always impeccable and you will probably listen to the best DJ’s blasting their best tunes out loud, every weekend, from Friday ‘til Monday morning. Inside Panorama Bar, you will find a more cheerful atmosphere where they usually play all variations of house music. 

Photo by Michael Zero Mayer


Hоuѕе of Weekend 

House of weekend is mind blowing , brutal, fun, surprising, long-lasting and freaky, when it gets cooler in the night you can continue to celebrate in the dance club two floors down. The club is equiped with a large DJ desk, a club sound system and an integrated light show. The well-trained bar and service staff ensures the perfect flow of every party. It’s the perfect place to have a drink and calm down. You will start feeling the energy of the place and end up letting yourself flow with the music. A “life experince” is definitely the expression that better describes the time you will have in this huge temple of music and fun. 


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