Best kept Secret the island of St Lucia


Angel Reyes


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

You don't have to travel to Thailand to see exotic beaches, you don't have to travel to Rio de Janeiro Brazil to witness stunning beaches. You've probably never heard one of the most spectacular islands in the Caribbean, an island reserved for the wealthy and famous her name is Saint Lucia, and is the only destination in the world that is named after a woman. Needless to say that the island its nature is as beautiful as it is wild and free. The tropical island St Lucia is situated in the Caribbean in between the islands Martinique and St Vincent and is a paradise for those who love romance and adventure. It was voted as top destination for honeymooners because of the tropical beaches, impressive ocean views and numerous hotel resort giving you all the luxury needed for a unforgettable stay. 

St Lucia for nature lovers

While honeymooners spend their holiday time in their resort, on the beaches and with their partner, nature enthusiasts will find no trouble to satisfy their needs. The volcanic peaks are impressive none the least and are considered a top attraction in the Caribbean. Especially the pitons, two volcanic spires are a must-visit. 

Divers and snorkelers can explore the underwater world that is home to a wealth of watery wonders. Trumpetfish, ambush tiddlers, little squids and moray eels are only a few of the marine wildlife you can expect to see. One of the best diving trips is the one to the wreck of freighter Lesleen M, which sits about 10 meters below the surface. Night dives give you the chance of seeing octopuses. If you wish to see larger ocean mammals, go on a guided tour and catch a glimpse of humpback whales. 

The beaches may well attract most visitors of the island, but travelers who want to do more than just tanning can discover the rainforest canopy. The Tet Paul Nature trail close to the base of Gros Piton and the Edmund Forest Reserve are well worth the effort as they offer the chance of spotting some rare wildlife such as the St Lucia parrot and hummingbirds. 

St Lucia as  a romantic destination

There are few coastlines that have been the setting of photographs more than the ones you fin don St Lucia’s south-west corner. The impressive Sugar Beach is backed by dense forests and has is nestled against the Petit Piton, one of the volcanic plugs raising above the rainforest canopy. Despite the volcanic origin of the island, the beaches are blessed with perfect white sand making it perfect for sunbathing.

It would be easy to book your accommodation just for the view alone, but the luxurious hotel resorts try to add to the experience with impeccable service. Forest spas, delicious food and the proximity of the beaches make these hotels a must for a romantic holiday. The west coast is dotted with gorgeous beaches such as Anse Chastanet, Ansa Cochon and Marigot Bay, a natural harbour in the north. Reduit Beach locate close to Rodney Bay probably is the most visited stretch of sand on the whole island.

Make a walk on the beach during sunset even more special? Why not go horseback riding and explore the Caribbean coastline in a different way.

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