Awesome things to see in Barcelona


Angel Reyes


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

Barcelona contains both the authentic historical and the wild. From the picturesque paths of the colorful Park Guell to the narrow and romantic streets of Barri Gotic, Nightclubs on the Beach Dozens of churches and architectural wonders of the city, the seaside city attracts all kinds of people: the adventurer, the couple, the lovers of culture and to do with an almost overwhelming variety. You could stay a few days, but you probably need to spend an entire week exploring.

The magical fountain of Montjuic in Barcelona got its name after a century of almost uninterrupted and pleasant performances for the public in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We know that the fountains jump and dance in a rainbow of colors and in a variety of tunes and images. The shows have acquired a special genre and are now referred to as waterfalls and are considered one of the best activities in Barcelona in June.

In the heart of downtown Barcelona, you will find the Palacio de la Música Catalana, both a historical institution and a center of art. With its world-renowned arts in the performing arts and fine arts, this is definitely worth a visit during your trip to Barcelona. Whether you visit a show or just go for a walk, you will not be disappointed to have visited this palace.

You won’t just get lost in the history of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, but also in the incredible variety of things that can be found in this corner of the city, which is also the most visited by tourists and locals. With its labyrinthine streets, it's best to pay close attention to its surroundings, as it is often the case that you literally get lost in the area. With beautiful squares that make it the perfect place to unwind with a bottle of wine or a good book in the evenings, there are plenty of shopping options for shopping, a cathedral, and a vibrant nightlife. Do not forget to take a walk through the Gothic Quarter on your next visit to Barcelona.

Barcelona's many cultural attractions include the famous Pablo Picasso Museum, which houses a significant collection of Spanish artist's art. If you are an art lover or are interested in the life and work of Picasso, this museum is essential to understand his career and the extent of his talent. The building of the Pablo Picasso Museum in Barcelona is located on Montcada Street, the most important part of the medieval architecture of the city.

The best time to visit the city of Barcelona is between May and June when the mild temperatures of the mid-70s mingle with a wave of festivals announcing the arrival of the summer. The real summer is sticky with humidity; the residents are massively leaving their favorite city to take the breeze elsewhere. They come back for the fall when the highest return is to 70. Winter is mild compared to other Spanish destinations, with peaks in the 50 highest. And while the coming spring seems like a good idea to escape the crowds, April gets frequent shivers that can literally hurt tourism projects (most of Barcelona's main attractions are being experienced outdoors).

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