Alabama's Southern Cuisine

Have you ever thought of Southern food,lower Alabama,country style,fried chicken and other local diets in this beautiful state? Take a ride to the sweet Alabama local food scenes and be filled with total solace and ecstasy.

Angel Reyes
May 3, 2022
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When people mention LA, you think of Los Angeles, Not the other LA......"Lower Alabama", barbecue and college football. Alabama is loaded with a plethora of local foods that anyone can enjoy. Alabama has a border with the Gulf of Mexico and a home game hunting and fertile farmland. A semi-sacred aspect of life for the Alabamans is mealtime and food. Have you ever thought of Southern food,lower Alabama,country style,fried chicken and other local diets in this beautiful state? Take a ride to the sweet Alabama local food scenes and be filled with total solace and ecstasy.

Collard greens may contain a gamut of some amazing loose-leafed cultivations in Alabama. Some common vegetables make up the entire group of collard greens. This can be found in the likes of broccoli, cabbage, spring greens and kale. One thing is common in many local food scenes or restaurants within Alabama - vegetables. For this reason, most homes in Alabama like making collard greens their staple food.

Like collard greens, meat loaf is another staple food with people living in the great state of Alabama. Preheating the oven to about three hundred and fifty degree Fahrenheit is the first step to take while preparing meat loaf. Many Alabamans like combining milk, onion, egg, beef, cracker crumbs or bread to get their desired meal taste. To taste well, you can season with pepper and salt and positioned in a small greased loaf pan. Mix ketchup, mustard and brown sugar and finally bake for an hour.

The type of corn used will also determine the color of your cornbread. Taking a cornmeal out of the diet of people living in Alabama is like pouring a bag of salt in a cooked food. It simply means that most homes in Alabama will not do without a cornbread or cornmeal. To prepare a cornbread meal in Alabama, you will need milk, margarine/butter, cooking spray, eggs, all-purpose flour, salt, baking powder and sugar.

There are many restaurants in Alabama that specialize in fried chicken meal. The juicy meat, crisp breading with a quantity of seasoning, thighs and breasts, you cannot get enough of this amazing diet in Alabama. Many locals see fried chicken as one of the best dishes of the city, state and land. They also like friend chicken with some corn meals or even bread.

People in Alabama have longed made sweet potatoes a staple prior to discovering its health benefits. Sweet potatoes are served in family gatherings, replace local fries and come with romantic dinners. If you visit Alabama around any holiday season, you will discover that sweet potatoes are served to welcome a guest. The sweet potato fluff is a meal in Alabama that can help to bring people together. The richness and health benefit combined with delicious taste of a sweet potato fluff makes it a great choice for people in Alabama.

If you want to cool down and relax on a hot summer night in Alabama, a scoop of citrusy sweet ice cream can do the job. The orange pineapple ice cream is used to boost the texture of other meals that people like eating in Alabama. Even newcomers in the state of Alabama are getting attracted to this recipe all day long.

Oysters are crispy, fried and served alongside with slaw in Alabama. The oyster tacos can be consumed along with greens, creamy sauce and other spicy ingredients. Local oysters in Alabama are something that people do not joke with. For this reason, when visiting Alabama of most southern states, you should be prepared to eat fried oyster tacos.

Without a shrimp boil, it will be incomplete to take trips across the Alabama coasts. Steamed Aquila royal red shrimps often give a unique taste to food. Right from the Gulf of Mexico and through the coasts of Alabama, you will find locals hunting for shrimps. It is served along with garlic toast and local red potatoes. Most people in Alabama prefer a steamed Aquila royal red shrimp for lunch.

As mentioned above, Alabama is a great and amazing southern state full of fertile farmlands and game hunting. If you are planning to visit the state, then be ready to eat most of the foods on the list above.

Angel Reyes

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