3 Reasons to Visit Vienna


Jenny Patron


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

The city of Vienna has an extensive network of cafes, gardens, palaces and other things to do. For these reasons and many more, it has been named multiple times as the most livable city in the world. The quality of life in the Austrian capital is amazing, and this reflects into the wonderful experiences that are offered throughout the city to tourists. OMG BYE gives you three of the many reasons why you should visit Vienna ASAP.

The Cafe Culture

Before you visit Vienna, understand that coffee is the way of life there. A plethora of cafes and coffee houses are located throughout the city, filled to the brim with locals and tourists alike. Coffee was introduced to Vienna when the Turks left it behind after their invasion in 1683, and it has been an irreplace part of the Viennese culture ever since. When visiting, make sure to enjoy the atmosphere of the city by sitting in a cafe, and perhaps even trying the renowned Sachertorte, a famed Viennese chocolate cake. Some of the most well known cafes include Cafe Museum, a retro styled cafe that is frequented by artists, and Cafe Heuer a more modern outfitted cafe, visited often by students and younger folk.

The Architecture

Walking down the streets of Vienna you will see uncountable types of building styles.Vienna’s most famous building include St Stephan’s Cathedral, Schonbrunn, and the more modern Hundertwasser House. St. Stephan’s Cathedral is a 700 year old, Gothic style cathedral, that  rises above the main square. In the cathedral you can see where hundreds of significant historical events took place, including Mozart’s marriage.  Schonbrunn palace was a summer residence for the imperial family of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, and with its beautiful baroque exterior and wonderful surrounding gardens it is really is worth seeing. You can also visit the museum located inside Schonbrunn for a more in depth look into the imperial family. The Hundertwasser House (Hundred Water House) is an example of Vienna’s modern side. The colourful building was constructed in the 80’s, and shows how even today, Vienna is a city full of stylish, quirky architecture! The plethora of different styles of buildings in Vienna will impress any architecture fan, and even if you are not really interested in architecture, the buildings in Vienna are all very beautiful to look upon.


In Vienna you can get to almost everywhere with the U Bahn(Subway) and Straßenbahn(streetcars). There is no need to drive or pay for taxis when visiting the city, as you can easily take public transport for an affordable price! Visiting destinations that you can’t access on foot from the inner city such as Prater, the city’s renowned theme park, and Belvedere, another castle is easy with public transport! If you are touring throughout ‘Europe Vienna is also the ideal place to begin your travels. Located only a short train ride away are the cities of Budapest, Prague, Salzburg and Zagreb. Enjoy Vienna’s accessibility, and central location during your travels!

Overall, these are only three of the many reasons that you should visit the magnificent city of Vienna. Safe travels, and enjoy your trip!

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