2020 Next-Generation U.S.A Passports


Jason Munoz


19/11/2019 8:45 PM

Cybercrime and theft of identity are major concerns that have threatened many economies globally.The need of the hour is to get the threat of personal identity being leaked totally eradicated. One of the biggest cause or source of this issue is the U.S passport itself through which its possible to replicate data or steal personal identities.Hence, In the year 2020, U.S State government is now planning to revamp and introduce a new specialized chip embedded in the New U.S passport so that the passports are more safeguarded than ever before.

As per a report released by a popular news company,Bureau of Consular Affairs explained that the bureau is planning to introduce an embedded chip in the new passport design includes being guarded by polycarbonate which prevents loss of data and other important information.

U.S passports have had chips embedded in them for years now .However, this new U.S passport, which is to be introduced soon is an extremely specialized and advanced one and makes it impossible to steal identity.In fact, this part will have specialized engravings and marks of the ink which will make it almost impossible to steal important data and personal identity.

This initiative aims at making the travel for the citizens of U.S a very safe experience and prevent identity theft.Along with this, a new feature of making use of laser for embedding unique passport number on each page of the passport will make it completely impossible to replicate data or steal personal identity. Also keeping in mind the long validity that a passport has, the laser embedding feature will also make these passports extremely durable to withstand wear and tear.

Another issue with the existing U.S passport is that most of the photo ID’s are not as per the required specification leading to nearly 250,000 rejection of passport applicants.Hence this online option though limited would allow the applicants to provide their own passport picture.

Other Additional changes:

Apart from the above changes being made in the U.S passport ,the look and overall feel of the passport will also undergo a change.processing times remain unchanged ,other processes will become hassle-free.One of them is the passport renewal process which will now be accessible through a portal online.Applicants will get an option to check the status of their passports through which they can keep a track of the same.These features would really help in make the entire process more seamless and hassle-free.

Going digital has become an absolute necessity as it decreases the amount of time, paper work and simplifies the overall process.this option would be limited but will surely empower the travelers in many ways.Once these new features are incorporated ,US passports would surely become the #1 passport in the world.

Other countries which have introduced new passports:

There are various other countries world wide which have redesigned passport from a security point of view as well as making it true representative of the culture of their countries:

Norway-Norwegian passport is known for its minimalism.The pages inside consists of natural landscapes with lines and shades of green ,orange and grey .Once a UV light are flashed on these lines, you can see a dazzling Northern lights sky on the passport



Newzealand-New Zealand Passport depicts stories of New Zealand throughout history in every page of the showcases the transformation of the country from Polynesian travellers to a land of Kiwi.being a country surrounded by water ,Newzealand has hundreds of explorer stories to share.

Ireland-Ireland passport contains various illustrations of the beautiful Cliff of Moher and other landmarks amd culture which emphasize the beauty of this country.

Canada-Canada passport looks very basic during the day but the moment a black light is flashed you can find Canadian landscapes and signs like Niagara Falls and maple leaves.



China-Chinese passport is very similar to the Canadian passport .You can see impressions of The Great Wall of China the moment a black light is flashed.

Hungary-Hungary passports unfold musical scores of their second national anthem under UV light.

Indonesia-Indonesia passport pages are filled with colorful illustrations of the flora and fauna including a turtle and the biggest flower in the world-Rafflesia.

Philippines- The new passport has illustrations of all landmarks ,tourist destinations on the pages inside

Switzerland-A swiss passport stands out with its country symbol with an alignment of the text to the right instead of the center.

Photo: Yevgen Romanenko/Shutterstock

UK-UK Government has proposed to redesign its passports after Brexit.The aim of this change to project a positive image of UK post Brexit.The competition is still on and the citizens are looking forward to this transformation .

Australia-An Australian passport is one the most colorful can find Australian animals pictures like Kangaroos,emus etc.These animal image are also to be found in other Australian Government documents, passport being no exception.The cover of the Australian passport is a solid color with arms painted in the gold color and the pages and leaflets inside have many pictures of Australian animals and flowers. is a simple block of color with the Australian coat of arms in gold and inside are pages with various illustrations of Australian animals and flora.Compare to other passports of the world ,an Australian Passport is quite illustrative.

Finland-Finnish passport too has its own peculiarity and its more from an entertainment point of view. You can find a walking elf as you go on flipping the pages of the passport.

Japan- Japan is another country which would be unveiling the final design of the passport this year.the inside leaflets of the passport would be revealing 36 landscape views of Mt.Fiji by the artist Katsushika Hokusai.The best part is that passports are now slowly becoming the representatives of the culture of their nation and are not being merely treated as official government documents.

Passports are true representative of any country however they should be designed keeping in mind the culture of the respective country and also with the aim of eliminating the chances of identity theft and Cybercrime.A good passport designs considers all important factors required to make a passport an extremely secure one and ensuring smooth travel experience.

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