Zürich Switzerland 101

I traveled to Switzerland from Miami during the summer, it's people, culture fascinated me. Zürich is just this incredible City and it does have its own unique lifestyle and simplicity.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

Photos from the Biggest Art Fair in the world!

Running of the Bulls in Pamplona

"This is one of the most exhilarating craziest experiences I've ever had in my entire life, literally death is a possibility because the bulls trample on anything in front of it.

Art Basel's Gallery Participants

Art Basel gives leading galleries from Africa, Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America the opportunity to exhibit the excellence of contemporary and modern art.

Ultimate Travel Necessity Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton's legacy as a trunk creator went before even the establishing of the organization.

Art Basel: Fernando Botero’s Art in Miami Beach

These two events are a great opportunity for art lovers to see the masterpieces of some of the most famous living artists.

Top 3 Best Hotels in Cuba

Cuba is the largest Caribbean island full of nature, culture, nature, magic, history and traditions. The island is the blend of multiple cultures, number of fusions of races and the place being a part of customs has made it as one of the most fascinating and unique Caribbean destinations.

8 Reasons to stay at St. Regis Istanbul

Nisantasi district is the Istanbul’s most attractive, beautiful, vibrant and elegant neighborhood. This is actually where you can find the Art Deco-influenced and prestigious St. Regis Istanbul resort.

Best National Parks in America!

The United States have 60 areas of nature that are protected by the government and operated by National Park Service. With diverse landscapes varying from rugged mountains, glaciers, deep canyons and pristine forests

America's Most Haunted Hotel

Are you planning to visit the prestigious French Quarter, Bourbon Orleans Hotel, haunted hotel, or one of the best places to be in Louisiana?

Everything you need for your Road Trip!

Turn on your radio and hit the road with ‘Born to be wild’ in the background is a good start to make your roadtrip an epic one. But before you drive your first miles towards cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas or one of the many national parks, here is some extra great advice that will make your roadtrip one you’ll never forget.

Blast from the past Epic Cuba

Visitors to Cuba will be impressed by the hustle and bustle of life in big cities like Havana and Santiago, but there are so many natural attractions that you should take the time to see them.

Things to see in Malaysia

One of the things you will find most fascinating about Malaysia is her people and culture. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual society of 32 million people. Malaysia has approximately 20 public holidays in a year,

Rome Italy 101

Rome, the city where hope is eternal. She is proud of her former glorious hometown that once extended her empire to Europe, Africa, and Asia. Rome is a city full of history and Christianity.

The most fascinating pyramids of Egypt

The most emblematic symbol of Egypt is undoubtedly the pyramid. The pyramidal masonry is symbolic and significant in Egyptian culture and today is one of the main attractions of the country.

Japanese Etiquette 101

In Japan, customs and manners are very important. So, if you’ve been there, or maybe you are planning on visiting, it is quite paramount that you equip yourself with basic norms and skills that should help you blend in as much as possible, in terms of manners.

Best Beaches of Cuba

Podrán haber millones de playas en todo mundo, que muchos quisiéramos visitar desde luego, pero imagínate un clima cálido que se puede decir que en todo el año se siente como el verano.

Hiking Japan's Mount Fuji

Every Japanese citizen should climb Mount Fuji at least once in their lifetime. For other nationalities it’s highly recommended. Climbing Japan’s highest (3776m) and most prominent mountain is a life changing achievement.


Most people consider Edinburgh to be one of the most haunted places in Europe probably because it has seen a lot of bloodshed and torture, mostly happening in the walls of the famous Edinburgh castle.

Halloween in New Orleans Louisiana

When we think of Halloween we normally think along the lines of children tricks or treats. But the origins of Halloween are much older- a festival celebrating the border between the world of the living and the dead.

Visiting Shangai on a budget

Nihao! Or should I just say hello? When you read this article, chances are high that you are thinking of working on your bucketlist, taking your bags and visit Shangai. Shangai has a reputation of being the Paris f the East.

Top things to do in Moscow

Moscow, the 800-year old Russian City and capital of former Soviet and today's Russia, is hands down any tourist’s dream. Putting it into Churchill’s words about this incredible city, it's ‘a riddle’ that is ‘wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma’ - that pretty much explains it!

Before that 12 hour flight

Everyone, at one point or the other, starts disliking flights, when we were kids it was so much fun, but now it looks like the worst few hours we can spend, spending hours in that very small space without much free movement or quality breathing air can make some people really edgy.

73 Hours in Rio de Janeiro

There is a reason why Brazilians call Rio de Janeiro the "wonderful city". With its imposing mountains, sparkling beaches and great locals, this lively access to Brazil is spectacular. Although a weekend is not enough

Top things to do in Puerto Vallarta

You can also visit top-most beaches in Mexico where you can participate in various beach activities like swimming, diving, sunbathing, and boat riding among other fun things.

Best Night Clubs in Berlin

Only in berlin would you find a nightclub inside a former power plant, sexy was what a one-time mayor described the city. Clubbing in Berlin is enourmous as you might have expected, inside the bubbling atmosphere you will find dancing and more illicit activities.

Unique AirBNB's In Germany

I used Airbnb in about twelve different countries, so it’s fair to say that I’m a big fan of the accommodation platform. Not only are Airbnb rooms often cheaper than regular hotels, they are a great way of meeting local people as well.

Best kept Secret the island of St Lucia

You've probably never heard one of the most spectacular islands in the Caribbean, an island reserved for the wealthy and famous her name is Saint Lucia, and is the only destination in the world that is named after a woman.